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Asheville Wedding Planner

Why hire an Asheville wedding planner? Have you ever been so overwhelmed with all of the logistics and details?  Have you ever wondered how you will tie all of your ideas together and wow your guests?  Or have you even thought about how you will make the event a success and still have fun?

These are all questions that Mingle has the answer to!  We love a challenge and can save you money, time and make the planning process a breeze. 

All of our services provide some level of support and guidance with a primary focus on planning the logistics and executing the details. With Mingle you will have confidence that your event is being managed with the utmost care with very detail in mind.

What sets Mingle apart?  We have an eye for design and love customizing your event to showcase your vision.  We can organize your ideas and tie it in to a pretty bow!

We would love to chat with you about your upcoming event or wedding!  Schedule your complitmentary consulation.  

Asheville Wedding Planner, Candace Hightower would love to hear more about your Big Day!!